My First Blog

This past semester, I’ve been enrolled in Greg Todd’s Smart Success: Physical Therapists course. The advice and ‘tips and tricks of the trade’ have been well worth it, and I feel that I will be a stronger clinician because of it. A wonderful advantage of this course is that it allowed me to network with other physical therapy students and physical therapists that have the same drive and desire to push the field of physical therapy into the front of health care providers for the musculoskeletal system.

Greg Todd asked my classmates and me to consider goals for the upcoming year. Through this process, I’ve been reflecting on my Facebook page, Rebekah James – Facts, Fitness, Fun. I’ve learned that a lot of my more “in depth” posts would be better incorporated into a website/blog, and I’m thrilled to that this is the result.

What I want this website to be is a reliable source of health information, with a focus on fitness, wellness, and physical therapy. I’m a big fan of finding the right exercise type to fit into your lifestyle, and I’m open to unique fitness opportunities like pole fitness and Lindy Hop. Through this page, I want to answer questions that people may have about health and healing in a way that makes sense. I want to help YOU reach your potential and move forward to a healthier lifestyle. And, we all know that laughter is one of the best medicines.

I am so thankful to Greg Todd & Smart Success PT for all that I have learned about physical therapy and businessPre-register for  Smart Success that re-launches in January. Be the first to know how to Change you Career!!



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