Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve is always one of my favorite times with my family.  In my opinion, we have one of the best Christmas Eve Traditions, ever.

I’m the youngest of four, and my parents let us open one gift on Christmas Eve.  But, it’s a special gift.  It’s the largest box that my parents could find over the period of a year (one year it was a refridgerator box!), and it is filled with smaller boxes, like a Russian Stacking Doll. Each box is wrapped in one of my sibling’s favorite color: Blue, Purple, Green, or Red (for me.)

We open up each box until we get to the final one, a tic-tax box.  Inside, my mother has the first clue to a treasure hunt.  It leads us on a fast paced rhyme filled adventure through the house.  Of course, we race each other to each new clue, and try to be the first to solve it.

The treasure hunt ends with a movie that we watch together before going to sleep. One year, it was Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.

What’s your favorite Christmas Eve Tradition?



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