Bringing the Workout Home

As a doctorate of physical therapy student, I don’t have a lot of spare cash.  Unfortunately that means that I don’t have the greatest workout equipment (just a yoga mat), and I have had to stop my awesome pole fitness classes.  While I finally have access to the campus rec center again, it is often crowded.  To be honest, I just didn’t feel like going out in the rainy weather today.  So, I brought my workout home.

There are tons of great workouts online.  Personally, I like doing workout videos because I find them motivating, and I love when they do the timing of the workout for me!  In the past, I’ve been using BeachBody’s Online service, which is kind of the Netflix of workout videos. While I enjoyed it, I wanted a cheaper alternative.  After some searching, I stumbled across Fitness Blender.

Fitness Blender is a free workout video website that has over 500 videos!  They have a variety of fitness levels, and if you go to the official site, you can search for length of time, fitness level, body area, equipment needed, etc.  Fitness Blender was created by a married couple of personal trainers, Daniel and Kelli, who wanted to make fitness accessible to everyone, regardless of cost.  They officially started Fitness Blender in 2010, and they have become one of the most visited workout video sites in the Internet, with over 35 million users per month.

The best thing about their videos is that Daniel and Kelli are so real.  They do the workout with you, and it is obvious that they are giving it their all.  In the upper body workout video I did tonight, Intense No Equipment Upper Body Workout, Daniel has to take breaks and modify to make it easier, just like me.  The workout had a variety of push-up variations, like the staggered push-up I’m doing in the photo.  I’ve done it three times in the past, and I’m proud to say that I’m getting more reps each time.

Overall, Fitness Blender videos aren’t gimmicky, and they are well-made.  And I haven’t found a better bang for my buck!

What workout programs do you use at home?  I’m always up for recommendations.



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