My 10 Commandments for Physiotherapists

What a wonderful post from a fellow physical therapy professional! Great thoughts, and I agree with all of Adam’s points.

The Sports Physio

Now a commandment is a divine rule, a decree given by a higher power, God’s words… and although I have been accused of having a God complex from time to time, I really don’t want to be seen as having one. So perhaps ‘commandment‘ is a bit strong, maybe it should be ‘My 10 suggestions for physiotherapists‘ but where is the controversy in that? So I will stick with my original title and give my critics something to moan about…

But apart from winding my critics up, what I really want to do in this blog is put down some thoughts on what I think makes a good… no actually, what makes a great physiotherapist.

These ‘commandments’ are based on my own observations, interactions and experiences, and are heavily shaped by the few great physios I have had the pleasure to work with over the years…

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