Taking The Road Less Traveled


Today is Thursday, and I am reminded of how thankful I am for all I have been able to accomplish within this past year.

This time last year, I was hoping to graduate and begin work as a physical therapist in Austin, TX. I was filling out job applications, conpleting phone interviews, working on my resume, and struggling with my health. I was stuggling with insomnia, idiopathic high blood pressure, fluctuations in my thyroid, and a weakened immune system. My physicians were uncertain what was going on and were throwing around pretty scary diagnoses. Unfortunately, I ended up taking a medical leave, and I did not graduate as planned.

Within this past year, I have focused on self care. My health stabilized as my symptoms were related to the excessive stress I was experiencing due to toxic relationships. For the first time in what seems like a long time, my anxiety and depression is under control. My family and friends have commented on how I’m laughing again. My counselor has stated how much I have progressed, and how hard I am working to manage symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

During my medical leave, I worked on professional development with Greg Todd via his online academy, and I have been connected to a supportive and passionate crowd of physical therapy students and physical therapists. I worked in a microbiology lab that published work in Nature Microbiology, and I learned more about spirochetes and lyme disease. I’ve resumed activities that I was unable to do last year: working out, reading, swing dancing, traveling, and hiking. I also finished the paperwork to resume my doctorate and continue my passion of physical therapy.

Last week, I applied for graduation. Momentairly, I felt disappointed for graduating ‘late,’ but I quickly dismissed the invasive thought by realizing how this bump in the road helped me grow as a person. This time around, I am in a much better position for success. My midterm evaluation for my clinical rotation was this week, and I received great feedback. My clinical instructors are impressed with my skills and confidence, and I have had multiple patients comment on how surprised they are that I am ‘only a student.’

I’ve taken the road less traveled, but the twists, turns, and setbacks have turned me into the person I am today. I am proud of my progress, and thankful for all the support I’ve recieved. I’ve made my weakness my strengths, and my strengths stronger.

What bumps in the road have you dealt with? Feel free to share below!



Much of what I have learned about physical therapy and online health/wellness, I have learned from Greg Todd, the founder of Physical Therapy Builder.  He is a fantastic physical therapist whose mission is to help physical therapists provide patient focused care without becoming overwhelmed.  Greg Todd is also known as a “social media guru,” and I have a lot of thank him for.  I highly suggest his courses, especially Smart Success PT.  In May, I plan to attend Smart Success PT Live, a business, marketing, and branding course by some of the  top PT entrepreneurs in the field.


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