Checking out CovalentCareers

One of my fellow Smart Success PT Students, Casey Coleman, recently talked about his experience with CovalentCareers.  They are affiliated with New Grad Physical Therapy, which I check often for fantastic articles relevant to current DPTs and DPT students.  The mission of CovalentCareers is to be champions for new physical therapy graduates, and they work to help match the graduate to a high quality physical therapy position.

Currently, CovalentCareers has clinical jobs posted, but their long term goal is to have ALL positions that a DPT could do.  This would include clinical, semi-clinical, and non-clinical positions.  The Website is a great way to begin networking, even as an early student.  Currently, I am getting close to graduation, so finding about this resource has been quite encouraging during my job search.

Today, I actually spoke with three different staff at CovalentCareers.  They were all prompt with their responses and worked together as a team.  Honestly, it felt like I had a personal job coach who was guiding me towards my ideal position!  CovalentCareers can help you find a job, so you could consider them as a “recruiter” on some level.  Yet, they are different from traditional recruiters in one big way: they’re a team of PTs, OTs, and optometrists, so they know healthcare and its unique challenges and rewards.  They want to help you find the right path to your career success; one that focuses on thriving and avoiding “burn out.”

In my case, I have been considering travel physical therapy as well as other options.  After two phone calls, I now have an email address to a recruiter that one of the staff personally used when he was traveling.  Each staff member I talked to was passionate, honest, helpful, and down-to-earth.  Since my particular location is one of the most densely populated towns by physical therapists, talking with the staff was stress-relieving and allowed me to focus in on possible options.

One aspect of CovalentCareers is to sign up and set up your own profile.  It doesn’t take long; I think I took about 10 minutes.  Here is mine if you would like to take a look.  What is great is that you don’t have to be graduated in order to make an account.  Ideally, the more individuals that sign up and begin networking, the better the job search result will be for all participants.  More traffic and profiles mean more high quality employers.

There is a great infographic that explains the CovalentCareers journey:

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 5.08.26 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-04 at 5.08.42 PM

One thing I really appreciate about the Website is that CovalentCareers is very straight forward about their values and mission.  They even explain their catchy name!  (Hint, it is related to something from chemistry…).  They particularly value listening to their users, providing great customer service, creating the best product possible, and removing some of the pain of dealing with healthcare human resources.

My personal experience with CovalentCareers has been nothing but positive.  I highly encourage any health care professional to check them out!

Any questions?  Feel free to post them below!



Much of what I have learned about physical therapy and online health/wellness, I have learned from Greg Todd, the founder of Physical Therapy Builder.  He is a fantastic physical therapist whose mission is to help physical therapists provide patient focused care without becoming overwhelmed.  Greg Todd is also known as a “social media guru,” and I have a lot of thank him for.  I highly suggest his courses, especially Smart Success PT.  In late May, I plan to attend Smart Success PT Live, a business, marketing, and branding course by some of the  top PT entrepreneurs in the field.


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