Welcome to Humble Hills Farm

This is such an in depth post! Great for anyone who wants to try making their own soap. I can vouch for how wonderful these smell, and they’ve been great for my sensitive skin.

Humble Hills Homestead

Beautiful wildflower honey harvest from our honeybees.

Even in January, the homestead has a big to-do list!

Here we are at the beginning of 2020. I will be honest in saying I have been working on this blog for sometime, and it has been an ongoing learning curve. I think all of my farm hobbies have been easier than getting this blog together! If you want to know more about the farm, please visit the About section of my blog. I’ve finally got myself organized, and so I would like to begin with a summary of what the homestead has going on in January:

  • We discovered we lost our beehive over winter (it appears they swarmed) and so we mailed in the check to pick up two new nucs in May.
  • I ordered five new chickens to join the flock, including a Blue Copper Maran rooster and a Black Copper…

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